• Curriculum

    • Designing your idea
    • Planning your idea
    • Getting ready to launch
  • Eligibility of Applicants

    You need to have

    • Pre-intermediate level English or higher
    • A business or social enterprise idea
    • A positive attitude
  • Application Process

    1. Registration: Fill in the form
    2. Application: Upload your personal statement and pitch deck
    3. Testing: Complete our online test and present your pitch
    4. Enrolment: Send your documents and pay your fee
  • Scholarships

    Through us and the BEAM Foundation

    Use your acceptance letter to apply for other scholarships

  • What are you waiting for?


You’ll learn:

Business and social enterprise models and concepts

Human resources models and concepts

Environmental and social impact

Financial resource management


Project management

and lots more!

Eligibility of Applicants

To be eligible to apply for this program you need:

Pre-intermediate English or higher

A business or social enterprise idea that you want to get started

A great attitude and a willingness to work hard

Application Process

There are 4 steps in the application process.

1. Fill in the Registration Form and we’ll contact you

2. We’ll send you an Application Form for you to upload your motivation statement and project pitch

3. Complete an online test and present your idea or project to our panel

4. We’ll send you an Enrollment Form so you can send us your documents and the fee


We can help you apply for a BEAM Foundation scholarship! This scholarship covers 60% of your academic fee.

We also provide successful applicants with an acceptance letter that you can use to apply for other scholarships!